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Balancing Motherhood and Your Business

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Hey there, busy mompreneur! So, you've officially joined the ranks of the sleep-deprived, diaper-changing, and utterly smitten mama's club. Congrats! Now, it's time to tackle the next adventure: returning to work while keeping your tiny human happy. I had my baby in April of 2023 and these tips helped me make a smoother transition back into the daily grind, I hope you find them helpful too!

1. Let's Get Talking

Okay, let's spill the tea. Returning to work means having an open and honest

conversation with your business partner and/or team. Sit down, grab a cup of coffee (or 3), and discuss your plans and expectations. Let them know your ideal return date, any adjustments you need, and brainstorm ways to create a supportive and understanding work environment that accommodates your new role as a parent.

2. Babyproof Your Childcare Game

Now, onto the childcare puzzle. It's time to channel your inner detective and find the perfect solution for your little one. Start by researching and considering various options, like daycare centers or are the superhero grandparents willing to step in? Consider factors like location, cost, and vibes. Trust your mom-gut and go with the one that gives you the warm fuzzies. After all, peace of mind for your angel is priceless!

3. Take Baby Steps

When I returned to work, I started with just 10 hours a week! I know that you may not be as flexible in your business, but my advice would be to implement a gradual return to work. This allows you to find your groove while embracing those precious newborn cuddles. By taking it slowly, you can dip your toes back into the entrepreneurial waters while ensuring your tiny sidekick gets the attention they deserve.

4. The Power of the Mompreneur Connections

You know what they say: it takes a village to raise a child and build a thriving business. Seek out your fellow mompreneurs—the women who truly understand the magical chaos you're juggling. Connect with them through local business groups, online communities, or even at those mommy-and-me yoga classes. Share your struggles, exchange tips, and celebrate the victories together. Having a squad who gets it can make all the difference!

5. Embrace the Flex Life

Flexibility is the name of the game here. Embrace the beauty of being your own boss and design a work-life blend that suits you and your munchkin. Delegate tasks, outsource when needed, and experiment with flexible work arrangements that sync with your baby's schedule. Dance parties in the office with a baby carrier? Why not! Find what works for you and roll with it.

6. Me Time is Non-Negotiable

Don't forget to fill your own cup, my friend! As a superhuman multitasker, it's easy to neglect self-care. But trust us, taking care of yourself is essential for your sanity and success. Sneak in some "me time" whenever you can, whether it's stealing a few minutes for a power walk, indulging in a guilty pleasure read, or simply enjoying a hot cup of tea. Remember, a happy parent makes for a happy entrepreneur.

So, my fellow new mompreneur, strap on your superhero cape, because you've got this! By communicating openly, staying flexible and taking it slowly, you can navigate the beautiful chaos of entrepreneurship and parenthood like a boss. Just remember, there's no one-size-fits-all approach—follow your instincts, trust the process, and savor every moment of this incredible adventure. You're a rockstar, and we're cheering you on!

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