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The Whole Story

My name is Alexandra Gillian (formerly Luneckas), I'm the femalepreneur behind Myliu Marketing. I was born and raised in the Midewest, however in 2017 I moved to Daphne, Alabama with no idea of what I wanted to do with my career. God's plan is bigger than mine though, and this is how my marketing journey began. I was hired on as the Listing and Marketing Coordinator for a hugely successful Alabama Real Estate Team. I fell in love with marketing, growing businesses and branding strategy, plus realized that I was good at creating digital content. Like really good, like quit your job and start your own company kinda good. 

Fast forward to early 2021, I moved back to the Iowa City area to be closer to family and pursue my dreams of running a one-stop Marketing Agency. I began fine tuning the services I wanted to offer and realized that what I wanted my company to do was pretty unique. I know better than anyone how busy small business owners are and that they often don't have time or energy to write, create and post what they need to in order to grow. This is where I come in. Growing up as the oldest of 5, with a father who is a small business owner himself, I know some months of business are great, and others just aren't. So I designed services and monthly marketing packages that fit every budget.


I want to treat every client I come in contact with like family, and give them the ability to drive their business forward, even if it's a slow month. With that being said, I can do all of your marketing for you or I can just lend a helping hand on projects big or small. Your success is my success.

as tave myliu,


Lexi Standing.HEIC


What does Myliu mean?

Myliu, as well as my maiden name, Luneckas, are Lithuania. This nod to my heritage was important to me when creating a name for my business. I was researching for the perfect fit when I came across 'As Tave Myliu' which in Lithuanian means 'I love you' or 'I care about you', I knew then that I had found the name and values I wanted to portray.​ Myliu is pronounced (my-loo)


What type of businesses do you work with?

I serve all types of Small Businesses in many industries. My specialty is getting to know you as well as lots of industry research to bring relevant content and insight to your marketing goals and needs.


Do all of your Clients live in Iowa?

Definitely not! My farthest client lives 14 hours away in Alabama and we have been working remotely together for over two years now. The pandemic changed many things, and that includes the ease of digital communication. For all of my remote clients, it's nice that we're just a zoom or phone call away!


What is the Myliu client onboarding process like?

The first thing we start with is a consultation so I can get to know you, your business goals and anything else that will help me build your unique marketing plan. We'll discuss any specific projects you want done as well as schedule our monthly strategy sessions.


Will I be locked in a marketing contract?

Definitely not! At Myliu, I understand some months in small business are better than others. If you want to add or subtract services, you're free to do so!


What other services does Myliu Marketing provide?

We offer a wide variety of services and monthly packages. Some common add-ons to our monthly packages are:
  • Newsletters
  • Seller Marketing Reports
  • Client Review Acquisition
  • Database Management
  • + more, just ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

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